: Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes Case Likely Will Open Doors To Parlors Again


A sweepstakes parlor in New Hanover County was served search warrants Thursday night, and based on the New Hanover Region Sheriff’s office, two people were pointed out for prohibited gaming machines.

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Leo Daniels has 777 Sweepstakes on Gordon Road, and he and Jonathan Bryant were pointed out.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s workplace says 777 is the first establishment to be served search warrants.

Daniels informs WECT he was pointed out with running unlawful gambling operations. He says sheriffs took out all of his sweepstakes machines, but not his computers.

The amount of machines taken has actually not been revealed.

The North Carolina Supreme Court upheld a sweepstakes restriction previously this year, making the gambling cafes prohibited.
We called Daniels for a comment, however he said he needed to speak to his lawyer.

Sheriff Ed McMahon and District Attorney Ben David are taking this matter seriously and will prosecute anybody in infraction of the law prohibiting unlawful gambling and gaming.




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