Sweepstakes Games Fate Goes to Jury Trial After North Carolina Supreme Court Decision


Raleigh, NC —  With the Pre-Reveal-Goldinjunction gone, it paves the way for a trial that will likely decide the gaming fate in North Carolina. Sheriff’s can begin enforcing a ban on sweepstakes games that mimic Las Vegas-style slots after the state Supreme Court decided two sweepstakes companies couldn’t block authorities. The sheriffs were blocked from enforcing ban until Thursday.

The NC supreme court on Thursday ruled against a lawsuit by developers of the new gaming format, they tried to block former Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown from enforcing the state’s gaming laws against sweepstakes operators. The Supreme Court cited a lower-court ruling by Justice Sam Ervin IV, who joined the high court last year. Ervin wrote last year that sweepstakes machines are games of chance and covered under North Carolina’s gambling prohibitions.



Developers of Pre-Reveal Skill Games claim the new games involve ‘skill and dexterity”‘ and open up a new argument for operators in NC that promote electronic gaming. “The high court decision pushes this issue back to the lower courts for a jury trial, the new games created do not violate the text of sweepstakes or gambling statues, we all look forward to going to trial”



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