Sweepstakes Games With Pre-Reveal Spread Into Western NC


Pre-Reveal and Skill Games Intergrat The Gaming Industry In NC

WAYNESVILLEInternet sweepstakes with yet another win, 4-0, as the court dismissed another case on Monday.
Tami Nicholson of Winner’s Circle Sweepstakes Parlor was the fourth defendant found not guilty, this week. Nicholson who declines to comment looks very glad with the outcome of the proceedings.Pre-Reveal-Gold
According to Attorney George Hyler, Nicholson’s legal adviser, the court is consistently siding with his arguments that the new breed of sweepstakes machines which involves skills and dexterity are legal.
Those games are found to be legal, says Hyler.
After the case was dropped, Nicolson is likely to be one of those operators who would re-open another sweepstakes business.
In fact, pre-reveal sweepstakes businesses are already in a boom across the region with its remodelled version of machines. Various sweepstakes machines are spread out in gas stations across Sylva, Waynesville, Macon, Swain, Jackson and Haywood.
However, District Attorney Mike Bonfoey states the dismissal of those charges does not guarantee that the remodelled machines are legitimate.
Bonfoey says, it always a case-to-case basis and it is not precedent.
Meanwhile, law enforcement says remodelling sweepstakes machines are just gimmicks to circumvent the law passed by the Supreme Court in January to ban sweepstakes.
Though prosecutors have dismissed four sweepstakes charges in a row, DA still urges authorities to enforce the law. “The issue seems to be that the games do not violate the text of the law. A law has definitions and games seem not to violate those definitions.”
Waynesville Chief Bill Hollingsed says the statute is valid until then and they will continue to enforce it until they are told by courts to stop.
Hollingsed adds that the DA has the final say judgement on the issue.



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