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3 business owners charged with misdemeanor gambling

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

GREENVILLE, N.C. – The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office charged three business owners after deputies confiscated more than a dozen poker machines from a local sweepstakes café in Pitt County.

According to the police report, on July 17, law enforcement raid Platinum Sweepstakes Cafe inside Greenville Buyers’ Market Shopping Center along Memorial Drive after they received several complaints regarding the café’s illegal gambling machines.

Investigators seized 14 stand-up video poker machines containing non-prereveal software which was illegal under the state’s law.

“These machines are a clear violation of the law,” the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Both business owners of the Platinum Sweepstakes Cafe Christopher Lee Bass from Elm City and Joseph Rex Bass Jr. from Spring Hope were charged with operating five or more video gaming machines and misdemeanor gambling.

In addition, Donald Wayne Boyd from Elm City, owner of the seized video poker machines was charged with felony for manufacturing, selling or leasing electronic video gaming machines and felony for operating five or more video gaming machines.

MA treasurer candidates bet against gambling bill

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

BOSTON – The three Democratic candidates for the state’s treasurer were unified against casino in Massachusetts during a debate on TV.

The candidates namely Tom Conroy of Wayland, Barry Finegold of Andover and Deb Goldberg of Brookline told they are against casinos in Massachusetts and expressed concerns for the state’s lottery.

According to the Supreme Judicial Court, a referendum to revoke the 2011 expanded gambling law which allowed three regional resort casinos and one slot parlor will be voted upon on the statewide ballot on November.

State representative Conroy of the 13th Middlesex District told that the gaming bill could create more bankruptcies and hurt the state’s budget.

“I’m the only one who has done a cost-benefit analysis. The costs outweigh the benefits,” Conroy stated.

Meanwhile, Goldberg who served six years for the Brookline Board of Selectmen told that the money generated from lottery tickets was the only unrestricted general funding communities received from the state.

Senator Finegold stated that he voted twice against the gambling bill.

“The gaming bill is a bad bet for the Commonwealth,” Finegold said.

Goldberg also agreed with Finegold saying online gambling would hurt small business like lottery outlets.

“They are terrified of this. Online gambling – there couldn’t be anything worse,” Goldberg expressed.

Missouri Governor allowed casinos to provide $10,000 credit line to gamblers

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Gamblers will soon enjoy up to $10,000 credit line in the state of Missouri after Gov. Jay Nixon allowed the bill to take into effect on Tuesday morning.

“This is about a convenience for our patrons. I think we’re missing out on some players who would come to Missouri,” said Mike Winter, executive director of the Missouri Gaming Association.

The new bill called SB 741 stated that a “qualified person” who has completed a credit application provided by the licensee and who was determined by the licensee, after performing a credit check and applying usual standards to establish credit worthiness is qualified for a line of credit of at least ten thousand dollars.

“What the bill does is it allows casinos to extend credit to individuals. To do that they first must run a credit check on the patron who is applying for that credit, they have to use what the statute calls the usual standards of credit worthiness to determine if the patron qualifies for the line of credit of at least $10,000,” explained Ed Grewach, General Counsel for the Missouri Gaming Commission.

Grewach added that the zero percent loan must be paid within 30 days from the day it was taken out.

According to the new bill, once the licensee makes the determination that a person is a qualified person; additional credit checks are not required.  Furthermore, the approval to accept a credit instrument from a qualified person shall be made by the holder of an occupational license.

The bill took will took effect on August 28.

Good-bye Trump Plaza

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – The owner of Trump Plaza casino announced it will shut down in mid-September.

On Saturday, the Trump Entertainment Resorts told The Associated Press that though no final decision has been made yet, it expects to close its doors on September 16.

According to the management of Trump Plaza, its board of directors have been reviewing alternatives for the property. Although this review has not been completed and no final decision has been made, the company expects that it will terminate the operations of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino on or shortly after September 16, 2014.

New Jersey State Senator Jim Whelan expressed distress with the news.

“I’ve been back and forth between being depressed and angry all day,” said Whelan.

According to Whelan, the closure of Trump Plaza would lay off 1,000 employees. The WARN notices will be sent as early as Monday.

“I’d love to stand here and tell people – particularly the employees – don’t worry, we’re going to fight, we’re going to save your jobs; this, that and the other. I’d be lying,” added the former Atlantic City mayor.

Man killed in attempted robbery

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

ST. LOIUS – A man waiting for a party bus outside of St. Louis casino was killed after a robber shot him in the back around 1:45 in the morning on Saturday.

The victim Bariah Crump, 28, of the 9400 block of Coppercreek Court in Ferguson was dead on arrival when rushed to a hospital.

According to police, the gunman walked up to Crump at the corner of North Second and Carr streets near Lumière Place Casino and Hotel, pulled out a gun and declared robbery. Then, he shot Crump in the upper back.

A woman, 24, who attempted to run from the area, was also shot in the buttocks. She was taken in a hospital. Doctors said she was in a stable condition.

Keisha Thomas, 33, a co-worker of Crump at the Experience One Hair Salon in Jennings described the victim as humorous person who loved to make money and do hair.

“He was a good person who was down to earth. He was an awesome stylist,” said Thomas.

Family members and friends released black and purple balloons on Sunday evening at a candle light vigil at the location where he was killed.

Anyone with information regarding the shooting was asked to contact authorities.

$100 million racino to rise in Alex Bay

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

ALEXANDRIA BAY, N.Y. – a couple of Rochester developers proposed to convert the now-vacant Bonnie Castle Recreation Center in Alexandria Bay into a $100 million racino resort.

“It really will impact the community in a way the community has not been impacted in many, many years, in a very positive way. There are a lot — a lot — of opportunities for a lot of people,” announced Mark Bohn of Bennett Heights Capital LLC.

Bohn, along with Marc R. Vasile, Vice President of Vasile Construction Corporation proposed 35,000 square foot gaming center with 1,000 video lottery terminals, horse racetrack, 500-seat convention cneter, 128-room hotel, fine and casual dining restaurants, an outlet mall, a spa and an all-terrain and recreational vehicle park that will generate an estimate of   $16 million in annual payroll for at least 600 construction jobs.

According to the developers, all the needed components for the project were all in place except for the approval of the state Gaming Commission and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

“Right now, our biggest stumbling block is the RFA,” said Bohn who met with Vasile and the Gaming Commission last March for the request of application.

The developers stated that River Isles along Route 12 was designed to be a year-round destination that would cater Canadians.

“It’s not just a racino; it’s not just a hotel; it’s a whole conglomerate of projects,” Vasile said.

North Carolina Pre-Reveal Games Compliant with Text of Law

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

WHITEVILLE, N.C. – a Dublin elected official charged with misdemeanor for illegal operation of a video gaming café told pre-reveal video machines were legal under the state’s law.

Last week, law enforcement from Columbus County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jeffrey Scott Smith, a town commissioner in Dublin and charged him with two counts of misdemeanor for operating Gold Rush Internet Café north of Whiteville. He was released, however, with $1,000 secured bond.

According to Capt. David Nobles of the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office, the raid which confiscated 68 hard drives from computers and $5,800 cash from Gold Rush was authorized by the District Attorney’s Office who stated that the State Supreme Court upheld the ban on video gambling machines.

However, Smith’s lawyer Alan Maynard argued the machines were legal under the North Carolina law because those who purchased internet time were already notified of the winnings before the game.

“Those same games are running in over 40 counties in the state of North Carolina. There are other district attorneys and sheriff’s departments that agree that our software is compliant,” said Smith.

DublinDistrict Attorney Jon David, nonetheless, insisted to take the case to the superior court for Smith’s best interest.

“By bringing this matter directly into superior court, we’re going to expedite things and give the community a chance to weigh in on what justice should be. And I would think that any defendant should embrace that opportunity because a jury is the ultimate safeguard for any criminal defense,” David told.

Cyber Cafes Closed; Now Back Open

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Four arrested for sweepstakes armed robbery in Reidsville

REIDSVILLE, N.C. – four residents of Alamance County were arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping at a sweepstakes parlor in Reidsville last week. Two others remained wanted. The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrests of Martrell Sentorius Jefferies, 24; Jimmy Robert Davis, Jr., 50; Whitney Bonique Lawson, 23; and Antonio Fiorello Johnson, 44. The suspects were all charged – Jefferies with robbery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of second degree kidnapping with $225,000 secured bond in jail; Davis with felonious accessory with $40,000 unsecured bond; Lawson with aiding and abetting an armed robbery and two counts of aiding and abetting second degree kidnapping with $125,000 secured bond; and Johnson with felonious accessory after the fact.

Arrested: Davis, Jefferies, Lawson and Johnson

On May 29, around 7:15 in the morning, two black men entered the shop at Village Business Center and Sweepstakes at 276 N.C. 87 Reidsville and threatened employees with a handgun. After that, they tied up the staff and fled in a white or tan Nissan with undisclosed amount of cash from the sweepstakes parlor. According to Deputy Kevin Suthard, public information officer for the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office, the local police collaborated with the Burlington Police Department in order to identify those involved in the armed robbery. “Our people have been in Burlington over the past week looking (for the suspects),” Suthard stated. Meanwhile, Percival “P-Diddy” Maurice Burnett, 33, who lived at 500 S. Greensboro St. Lot 44 in Carrboro and Charles Lewis Compton, 37 remained wanted. Police reminded that both Burnett and Compton were armed and dangerous.

Wanted: Burnett  and Compton

Pre-reveal Games Keep Gaming Business Open in NC


Pre-Reveal-GoldLAURINBURG – the city council chamber served as a standing-room as it listened to more than 50 citizens air their concerns with internet cafes sprouting like mushrooms within the city limits.

Jason Watson, a resident and Ft. Bragg military police officer challenged the council by asking them as newcomers if they would be positively impressed with a bunch of internet sweepstakes cafes lined up along Main Street between U.S. 74 and the McDonald’s.

Watson called these storefront businesses as eyesores in the view of the public, not just to the people who live here, but to those who pass by and those who stop.

“I, as a police officer, know the type of people who enter these establishments. I know the type of behavior that is conducted inside. I know what drugs and addictions do to people because I see it every day,” the officer stated.

Meanwhile, Pastor Michael Edds of East Laurinburg Pentecostal Holiness Church presented statistics showing ties between gambling addiction, financial ruin and domestic discord.

“We have some serious problems out there and we’ve opened the floodgate for something that can compound what we’re trying to address,” expressed the pastor.

Edds cited these issues troubled him not only as a religious leader, but as a member of the city’s crime and drug committee as well.

“On this committee we’re trying to come up with proactive ways to reduce violence and crime in the city, but with this addiction that’s been thrown at us it’s making our job impossible,” Edds stated.

Based on the citizens concern, Laurinburg is turning to “a little Cherokee where no one will want to come and live.”

However, according to City attorney Bill Floyd who detailed the history of sweepstakes in the city, on a ruling released in December, the Superior Court alreadymade the determination that this particular software used in internet cafes is legal.

Since the statute is filled with loopholes and uncertainty, the city has not exercised the option to withhold licensing to these businesses.

Pastor Edds then, questioned the council if anyone of them own or rent space for internet shops.

The council did not answer except for council member Curtis Leak who replied with “Isn’t that statement personal?”

City Mayor Tommy Parker checked a list of sweepstakes owners and landlords presented by Edds and noted the absence of council members’ names. The list, however, does not include sweepstakes shops in the county.

“I’m going to appeal to you tonight to just be patient with the law enforcement task force and the city council. We hear you, we can’t act on this tonight, but I can say that it will be dealt with appropriately in a forthright, expedient manner,” Parker offered.

Now the State Wants To Regulate the Sweepstakes Industry with HB-547


..HB-547 May Legalize the Sweepstakes Cafe Business in North Carolina..

Charlotte, NC – Upon reflection, 2013 may be remembered as the year when law enforcement began enforcing the state’s ban on internet sweepstakes game-rooms,55mpg but as for 2014, the games are back running strong in certain parts of the state, partly due to the function of the games and the legality of some games are unclear. The N.C. Supreme Court upheld the latest legislation taking aim at the gaming industry but Internet sweepstakes operators have been able to tweak their software to follow the letter of laws aimed at putting them out of business. The latest ‘tweak’ is a software called PreReveal Sweepstakes, where the customer doesn’t enter the sweepstakes in a manner that HB-80 descibes as illegal nor does the games  ‘reveal’ in a manner that the law describes as illegal. The court challenges and victories for the sweepstakes industry happen on a regular basis. Internet sweepstakes operators continue to fight the state in court, and their chances of reopening increase with every software change and appeal. Casey Rooks, a spokesperson for Carolina Sweepstakes Group says  “It’s pretty simple, laws have definitions and if the action does not fit the definition then there’s no violation, some call this ‘circumventing the law’ but we look at it like going 54mph in a 55mph zone, in this instance, the preReveal games were launched years before the sweepstakes ban law went into effect and they do not violate the text as it is written” If the Supreme Court’s 2012 ruling can keep Internet sweepstakes

Casey's Facebook Page

Casey’s Facebook Page

cafes closed once and for all, then the N.C. General Assembly succeeded where 20+ years of legislatures have failed but since the gaming industry has so many different types of video games, its hard to ‘outlaw’ them all. But if the internet sweepstakes industry finds enough loopholes and concessions to reopen cafes, then perhaps it’s time for North Carolina lawmakers to look for ways to tax and regulate the industry (SEE HB-547). HB-547 takes steps to finally get the NC gaming industry under control, Sponsors Wray, Collins, Floyd, Lucas, Malone, Richardson, Szoka have taken steps to in ending the confusion. NC547The North Carolina educational lottery and Internet sweepstakes seem to prey upon people who can least afford to gamble away their paychecks. But since its going to happen either way, NC should put some of that money to good use in schools and other areas of need.